Severance Claim Win-Win: Full Recovery Plus Legal Fees

Challenge: A prominent public company controlled by a strong-willed Wall Street tycoon stopped making contractually required severance payments to its former CEO. Our analysis persuaded us that the company’s decision to suspend severance payments was wrongful, both contractually and morally. However, the facts were complicated and the company hired the best lawyers money could buy, … Read more

Game Show – Right to Royalties

Challenge: A creative director and developer of American game shows for international audiences entered into an agreement with the owner and distributor of a well-known syndicated game show.  The creative director agreed to provide his services in return for certain compensation and the sharing of certain royalties.  After successfully developing the program in multiple foreign … Read more

Whistleblowing David Outplays Multinational Goliath in Federal Action

Challenge: Our branch banker client was terminated by a major multinational bank and financial services company after reporting wrongful conduct to her supervisors. As an employee at will without the protections of an employment contract, she felt very alone and vulnerable. However, as we learned the facts we came to feel that she had a … Read more

Publishing Company Prevails in Commercial Arbitration

Winning Strategy Helps Publisher Recaptures 10% Beneficial Interest Worth $20 Million  Challenge  A New York-based publishing company terminated the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of its European business upon discovering that the COO had diverted a substantial amount of the publishing company’s royalty payments for his own benefit. The COO was not an employee of the … Read more

International Art Dealer Defeats Breach of Contract and Fraud Claims

Challenge Our client was a fine art consultant who provided advisory services regarding the purchase and sale of renowned paintings, sculptures and other works of art. The consultant, through his solely owned entity, facilitated the sale of four well-known paintings owned by Edemar Ferreira, the former president and founder of Brazil’s Banco Santos, to a … Read more

Life Settlements Claim Recovery

Challenge Our life settlements provider client entered into an agreement to serve as the exclusive source of life-settlement assets for a hedge fund wishing to enter this lucrative space. Several years later, the hedge fund breached the agreement – not once but twice – by sourcing life-settlement assets elsewhere and failing to pay required monthly … Read more